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About Zayco Boga Alifa

CV. Zayco Boga Alifa established since 1999 as a trading company who especially distribute dairy products in Bandung. Excellence spirit, hard work and commitment is a main key to run our business and market which always dynamic. In 2003 we start expand to Jakarta area and in 2009 we begin to make a private label with trademark Zayco313. There are recently 6 variants of the dairy products with our own trademark (zayco313) while others 120 variants is local and imported products.

In order to support the marketing activities, products knowledge and understanding of product applications, kitchen center was built in 2007 as a center of development and testing of raw material, recipe and raw material management techniques. Finally the final recipe will be published to multiple customers.

Zayco Office Zayco Office



  • Perform the distribution of products to meet market needs with excellent service and wholeheartedly.
  • Establish a good relationship and mutual benefit with our suppliers.

Our Distribution

Increasing of food consumption and culinary business development from year to year is a good opportunity for business growth. At the same time emerging companies engaged in the same field  make competition higher than before. With the spirit of our vision and mission we are able to overcome market challenges and still exist to supply the market needs in segment of food service (hotels, catering and bakery restaurant or café), modern market and industry in Bandung and Jakarta area. The distribution for the region of Central Java, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Bali and Lombok we appoint some business partners as sub exclusive agent to sell branded products zayco313.

Armada Zayco Armada Zayco

Zayco Boga Alifa

Jl. Ranca Bolang, Taman Persada Asri 2 Blok J No.23, Margasari, Buah Batu 40286 Bandung 

Phone : 022-7500 157 / 022-8888 111

Whatsapp : 0896 3694 2473

Email :